Pasties Productions Presents
Sun June 9, 2024
( Doors: 6:00 pm ) SHOW: 7:00 pm PDT
Jack London Revue
529 SW 4th Ave., Portland, OR
Ages 21 and Up
It's time to beam yourself up for an evening of intergalactic intrigue and experiences that are simply out of this world...

Pasties Productions presents AREA 69: an exploration of the sultry side of the cosmos featuring some of the most dazzling kings, queens, and in-betweens from across the galaxy! With every performance a supernova of style, they're here to probe the depths of your imagination and elevate your night to celestial heights.

So slip on your space boots and let your spirits soar to the constellation of creativity and 'tease, because it's not just a show; it's an interstellar escapade where the strange and the beautiful collide.

Tickets are limited, and like a shooting star, they won't last forever. Grab yours before they vanish into the night sky!
Area 69