Soul'd Out Presents
Sat September 28, 2024
( Doors: 7:00 pm ) SHOW: 8:00 pm PDT
Jack London Revue
529 SW 4th Ave., Portland, OR
Ages 21 and Up
“Field Guide creates a chimerical dreamlike soundscape, brought to life by his soft-spoken lyrical imaginings.” – Under the Radar
FIELD GUIDE makes music at his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Usually he writes songs in his kitchen, sometimes in the studio upstairs with the help of a drum machine, and occasionally they are beamed down to a hotel room somewhere in America when there is a day off to be had on the road.
Over the past year, fg has been busy working on his upcoming album ‘Rootin for Ya’ (out May 24th). This album feels a little different than past efforts. Several of the songs were recorded entirely by fg at home with no collaborators, and though every Field Guide record has been recorded at least partly in solitude, this was new territory. These songs were built from the ground up with drum machines, janky 80s Yamaha synthesizers, and bourbon-steeped vocals; their creation was a practice in trusting your gut, immersing yourself deeply in your own taste, and an understanding that limitations can often result in something special.
After fully recording and mixing an album’s worth of material in this largely solitary way, fg began to feel as though some of the songs were yearning for the fiery energy of fast paced collaboration and live-off-the-floor tracking. This led to revisiting a handful of the songs with friends and frequent collaborators Kris Ulrich and Julian Psihogios. The three tracked 4 songs completely live off the floor in a little cabin in Manitoba. This revisited material gave life to a beautiful juxtaposing album of songs. Some of them masterminded in solitude, and others born of the magic that can only exist when musical minds work together in pursuit of a shared goal.
Kris Ulrich is a frequent collaborator, the two have recorded a lot of music together at Kris’s home studio in Saint Boniface, as well as at Ditch Lake, which is just outside of Riding Mountain National Park. fg moved to Toronto for a while in 2019 & '20, and there he met Georgia Harmer and Julian Psihogios, and formed the band Dweller; they put out an EP of music in fall of 2023. In the spring of 2020, fg released his sophomore breakout EP ‘You Were’ followed by several collections of music throughout the pandemic.
With touring finally being back on the table, fg was fortunate to support some heroes and new friends including Leif Vollebekk, Bahamas, SYML, Penny & Sparrow, and Wild Rivers on tour in Canada, the US, and Europe. In the spring of 2023, Field Guide embarked on his first North American headline tour, which included 36 shows in Canada and the US.

Note: Ticket holders for this show receive free admission to our late night cabaret spectacular - The Burly-Q Revue!

Field Guide