Soul'd Out Presents
C. Ant Beats & This Is Portland
Fri February 3, 2023
( Doors: 8:00 pm ) SHOW: 9:00 pm PST
Jack London Revue
529 SW 4th Ave., Portland, OR
Ages 21 and Up
C.Anthony Beavers, better known as C.Ant Beats is a well known music producer based out of Portland, Oregon. His experience spans over decades working with big names in all genres. Music is not only C.Anthony’s passion, but something he lives and breathes every day. Sufficient in almost every instrument, his favorite has always been the percussions which makes his role as drummer in his most recent side project an easy choice. Bringing his passion back to the stage with a rotating group of other reputable Portland musicians, This Is Portland combines decades upon decades of impeccable musical talent, a mix of all genres and eras, and an added flare upon some of the most memorable hits over the years with featured guest, Tony Award Winning Charlie Rhythm on the saxophone.
C.AntBeats and This Is Portland, The Band is one experience you’ll never forget…and beg to repeat.
C. Ant Beatss